Edlong has debuted Everything Dairy Can Be—an inspirational mantra that is driven by Edlong’s industry-leading dairy, dairy-based, and dairy-free ingredient capabilities.

“With Everything Dairy Can Be, we are sending a powerful message to the marketplace that Edlong is the ‘Navy Seal’ of dairy solutions,” said Laurette Rondenet, Edlong president and CEO. “Our team specializes in getting the job done when others can’t, bringing to life the virtually limitless possibilities of dairy flavors and the answers they provide. Our singular focus on the essence of dairy taste equips us with intricate knowledge that is unsurpassed. This expertise is put to work to solve some of the most complex product development challenges. We bring value to the customers we serve.  We believe in building deep connections with one another, our partners and the consumers we touch. Nobody has done dairy ingredients longer, and if you ask our customers, nobody does the taste of dairy better.”

The food and beverage industry will experience Everything Dairy Can Be across multiple communication touchpoints in the coming weeks, ranging from the brand’s social media channels, website, marketing platforms, and customer-facing communications, to customized t-shirts, collectable cows, and Edlong-branded neck gaiters.

“We look to send the clear signal that the Edlong heritage is elevating our customers’ dairy, dairy-based, and dairy-free products by providing breakthrough solutions,” said Lisa Drawer, marketing director for Edlong. “In fact, the bigger the challenge, the brighter our team shines.”

“Dairy can be everything from a problem-solver, to a point of difference for a brand, to a point of commonality between cultures,” added Rondenet. “It’s what makes Everything Dairy Can Be so powerful, and a mantra on which only the Edlong team can deliver.”