Company: Blue Diamond Almonds


Introduced: October 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.49

Product Snapshot: Blue Diamond Growers is rolling out a brand new image for one of its most popular brands: Nut-Thins, a crispy cracker made with almonds and rice flour that was first launched in 1997.

After more than 10 years in its current package design, Nut-Thins® is getting a new and refreshed package that aligns with Blue Diamond's snack almonds campaign, Crave Victoriously, that inspires consumers to embrace their snack cravings. The new look jumps flavor first into snacking with dynamic, delicious flavor visuals and bright, breakthrough colors—all featuring the goodness of Blue Diamond almonds to show what makes these crackers flavorful and crunchable.

"Blue Diamond's continual focus on innovation has led to exciting new uses for almonds and new markets for almond products over the years," said Raj Joshi, senior vice president of global consumer division at Blue Diamond Growers. "This pioneering snack arrived at just the right time in the late 90's as a tasty, wholesome and gluten-free option for consumers. But the popularity of Nut-Thins® has exploded even further over the last several years as we've launched each new flavor and is now the #1 Specialty cracker brand in the country.*"

Here's a quick look at the evolution of Nut-Thins®:

1997 – Nut-Thins® debuts with six core flavors

2010 – Nut-Thins® Hint of Sea Salt is launched

2012 – The new line of "Artisan" Nut-Thins® is launched in three flavors (Flax Seeds, Multi-Seeds and Sesame Seeds)

2014 – Nut-Thins® Honey Cinnamon flavor is launched

2019 – Nut-Thins® Sriracha flavor is launched

2020 – Nut-Thins® redesigned packaging is unveiled

More information about the Nut-Thins line can be found here The new Nut-Thins packaging is scheduled for roll out to grocers nationwide in October. 

*IRI Total US MULO 52 W/E 10/04/20