Company: Phenolaeis


Ingredient Snapshot: The specialty premium chocolate category is experiencing explosive growth. Now Phenolaeis, supplier of sustainable Palm Fruit Extract, is creating functional dark chocolate for avid chocolate lovers: it has added wellness benefits and an indulgent clean taste with less bitterness.  

Available for white labeling, the new functional chocolate with 72 percent cacao is ideal for formulators who want to launch even healthier chocolate products with greater polyphenolic content. Short runs of 40- to 80-gram bars of dark as well as milk chocolate are now available for companies to test their consumer appeal for themselves.  

Palm Fruit Extract is a new superfruit derived from the oil palm fruit using solvent-free, minimally processed handling. This water-soluble, non-GMO plant complex is composed of at least five natural polyphenols, fibers, carbohydrates and protein. Its soluble fiber is a carrier of various bioactive components. 

Research studies have shown that Palm Fruit Extract activates a wide range of antioxidant pathways and has the potential to improve wellness. Antioxidant pathways are known to support the immune system, cardiovascular and cognitive health.

After 15 years in development, Palm Fruit Extract is now sustainably produced in Mexico using production methods that respect the environment, wildlife and people. It is fully traceable from soil to final product. 

Chocolate and allergen-free Palm Fruit Extract are meant for each other. What does that mean? 

  • Enhanced nutrition: Palm Fruit Extract adds to already-good-for-you cacao with water-soluble polyphenols and other phytonutrients.   
  • Better mouthfeel: Adding Palm Fruit Extract to chocolate minimizes the bitterness and noticeably enhances the creaminess. 
  • Easy to use: Palm Fruit Extract is available in a water-soluble, powder form that incorporates easily into chocolate. 
  • Stevia synergy: Palm Fruit Extract enables formulators to deliver a great-tasting, sugar-free and indulgent chocolate. It can also help to minimize other off flavors in a formula. 

Phenolaeis is investing in a portfolio of applications research related to the synergies within Palm Fruit Extract and various cacaos to deliver great taste. Palm Fruit Extract can easily be incorporated into multiple types of chocolate delivery systems and finished applications ranging from chocolate-coated healthy grain or protein bars to RTD beverages.