Company: Frito-Lay

Introduced: December 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $1.89 (2-oz. bag), $4.29 (6-oz. bag)

Product Snapshot: Starting on 12/21, fan-favorite Doritos 3D returns with revamped Doritos 3D Crunch! After over 20 years of clamoring on social media, popular petitions, speculating rumors, and celebrity endorsements, Doritos is ushering back the same great product and iconic three-dimensional shape, but with even more bold and spicy flavors: Chili Cheese Nacho and Spicy Ranch. 

You may remember the original Doritos 3Ds from the 1990s, when Ali Landy aka the “Doritos Girl” helped launch them in this Super Bowl commercial. To help fans reimagine snacking on Doritos 3D Crunch—something Millennials will remember, and Gen Z will love—the brand is once again partnering with Landry to launch a nationwide challenge. Paying homage to the original “Laundromat” commercial, Landry will ask fans to catch Doritos 3D in their mouth in the boldest ways possible. Fans are encouraged to check out the #Doritos3DChallenge on TikTok starting December 28.