Company: Gericke

Equipment Snapshot: Rotary valves from process equipment manufacturer Gericke USA, Somerset, NJ, feature the new Rota-lign system that permits fast, easy valve disassembly without tools for complete cleaning and visual inspection. Set in the non-drive end of the rotary valve, the patented Rota-lign bearing assembly uses a self-aligning rotor design with tapered bore and guide rails that allows the rotor to be accessed and cleaned without removal from the end cover and the bearings to be replaced without removing the valve from the processing line.

Developed for use in food, dairy, pharmaceutical, and other sanitary processes, the Rota-lign system is proven as a rotary airlock and metering device for powders, granules, pellets, chips, grain, and other products. The Rota-lign system is included as standard on the company's line of stainless steel HDMF Series rotary valves, which earned USDA approval for specification and installation in sanitary processes. The USDA-certified rotary valves with the Rota-lign system are available for testing in the company's New Jersey test laboratory and may be retrofit on existing processing lines.