Synergy Flavors, Inc., a supplier of flavors, extracts and essences for the global food and beverage industry, has announced the completion of a new primary school in Antanapizina, Madagascar. The new addition joins eight previously built facilities funded by the company in partnership with the Madagascar Development Fund (MDF).

View video of the 2019 inauguration and of the vanilla process here.

Synergy Flavors and MDF expanded the scope of their partnership in 2020 to include clean water accessibility as an area of focus, in addition to on-going education initiatives. The recent construction of a new well in Ambolomadinika, completed in 2020, marks the first clean-water initiative Synergy has joined MDF on. The growing partnership with MDF symbolizes Synergy Flavors’ continued investment in the global community, contributing toward creating a more sustainable earth and encouraging balanced, healthy lifestyles for all.

“We have worked closely with MDF over the past five years to drive transformative change throughout Madagascar by means of education,” explains Rod Sowders, president and CEO of Synergy Flavors. “We’ve now widened our view to further contribute to a better world and give back to the underserved community of vanilla growers and processors by increasing access to and availability of one of the basic necessities of human life: clean water.”

The new primary school in Antanapizina was completed in 2020. Though the inauguration has been delayed due to COVID-19, the school is currently open and available for community use according to their local guidelines. Additional plans to install a safe, clean water system near the new school in are currently underway. This facility in Antanapizina joins additional schools funded by Synergy throughout the region since 2016:

  • Besopaka, 1 school (2016)
  • Ambohitrakongona, 1 school (2016)
  • Farahalana, 1 school (2017)
  • Antohomaro, 1 school (2017)
  • Antsirabe Nord, 1 school (2018)
  • Menagisa, 1 school (2018)
  • Ambolomadinika, 2 schools (2019)

To learn more about the vanilla growing and harvesting process and Synergy Flavors’ commitment to furthering the education of Malagasy children and the economic growth of an impoverished country, please watch the company’s video, "The Vanilla Process & Giving Back."

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