Rudi's Rocky Mountain Bakery has been baking up something new, and is proud to announce today the beginning of a new era for the original organic bakery. Bread pioneers with expertise in traditional bread making, Rudi's Organic Bakery and Rudi's Gluten-Free Bakery are thrilled to unveil the new, Rudi's Rocky Mountain Bakery master brand, set to deliver small batch, artisanal bread straight from Boulder, CO to your kitchen. For over 40 years, Rudi's has spearheaded a mission to make artisanal and gourmet packaged baked goods more accessible to consumers by bringing wholesome products, expertly-crafted in the heart of Colorado to pantries nationwide.

The new Rudi’s Rocky Mountain Bakery master brand is set to deliver small batch, artisanal bread straight from Boulder, CO to your kitchen.

Rudi's Rocky Mountain Bakery is poised to embark on a landmark year with new products and updated recipes in the organic portfolio, returning to historic recipes using starter yeast and a lengthy fermentation process of up to 24 hours that enhances both the taste and texture of their breads. Rudi's will also supplement their gluten-free portfolio with significant innovation, both for the brand and the category, and planned product launches later this year. The brand will combine this innovation with a completely revamped packaging design across the entire portfolio with the goal of attracting new customers at the shelf while maintaining the classic look consumers have come to expect from a pioneer in the natural foods industry. In addition, the brand will receive a significant increase in marketing support to help tell the authentic story of Rudi's Rocky Mountain Bakery to new and current consumers across the country.

Rudi's Rocky Mountain Bakery exemplifies what bread making should be, providing the aura of fresh, artisanal bread found at your local bakery paired with the convenience of availability on shelves at your hometown grocery store. Consumers can look forward to new products in the organic and gluten-free channel later this year as Rudi's Rocky Mountain Bakery begins to roll out in grocery stores nationwide.

"We felt that the bread category had been asleep for quite some time now and are excited to turn the lights back on in this category and bring a new look and taste to everyone's favorite comfort food with the launch of Rudi's Rocky Mountain Bakery," said CEO, Brian McGuire. "As we move forward in this new direction, we hope to continue our driving mission and firm belief instilled from our founding team, that bread worth making is bread worth sharing."

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