More than ever, consumers are demanding that companies change the way they do business, increase transparency, and take an active role in addressing social, cultural, and environmental issues. Companies that engage in active corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts consider the way they operate to address environmental and social issues, with the aim of benefiting both in the process.

Flavorchem and Orchidia Fragrances, established leaders in the manufacturing of flavor, ingredient, and fragrance solutions, are proud to announce the release of their first annual Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report. “We have always prioritized sustainability but in 2020, we decided to elevate and formalize our commitment by aligning ourselves with industry best practices and establishing a corporate program that allows for continuous improvement,” says Ken Malinowski, president.

The company’s sustainability expansion is a global initiative that follows the highest standards of guidance set forth by three different sources - EcoVadis, Sedex and the IFRA-IOFI Charter - chosen for their universal recognition as well as their depth and breadth of experience in flavors and fragrance industries. Below is a summary of each organization and how they integrate their framework and guidance into the Company’s Sustainability & CSR program.

  • IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charter: Together with the 120 + other global F&F company members, Flavorchem was one of the first to sign the Charter. The Charter has five focus areas which include ensuring responsible sourcing, reducing environmental footprint, enhancing employee well-being, prioritizing product safety and overall transparency.
  • EcoVadis: One of the world’s most trusted business sustainability ratings platforms, EcoVadis uses a universal scorecard, benchmarks, and performance improvement tools to monitor and rate sustainability and social responsibility performance.
  • Sedex Advance Member: Sedex’s ethical data platform checks Flavorchem’s suppliers’ ethical, environmental, and social practices to manage risk and make the most informed choices to manage the relationships and extend good practices throughout the business and supply chain.

Flavorchem and Orchidia Fragrances are committed to conducting their business in ways that protect and benefit the environment, their employees, customers, and the global communities where they operate. To learn more, or to request a digital copy of the 2020 Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report, please email