Company: Dawn Foods


Ingredient Snapshot: Dawn Foods recently released the first-ever brioche doughnut mix, for grocery and supermarket bakeries.

The doughnut combines everything consumers love about yeast-raised doughnuts, with the richness of Brioche bread. It offers a rich, buttery flavor and dense texture to create a unique doughnut experience.

Grocery and supermarket bakeries can now purchase the doughnut nationwide, using the mix to create everything from a brioche honey bun to a savory everything bagel-flavored Bismarck doughnut.

Some fast facts about the new doughnut:

  • The mix is available for major bakery retailers, supermarkets, grocers and convenience stores to purchase nationwide.
  • The brioche doughnut mix is highly versatile and is great for both sweet and savory baked goods. Sample doughnuts include an everything-bagel flavored Bismarck, Lemony Brioche Bits, and a Brioche Honey Bun.
  • Dawn Foods partnered with Pastry Chef and Chopped champion Mathew Rice to co-create the new doughnut.
  • While brioche has been around for ages, bakers are finding new ways to incorporate it into their menus to meet consumer needs. In recent Dawn Foods consumer testing, 74 percent of consumers reported that the brioche doughnut was superior to a typical yeast-raised doughnut. Additionally, 87 percent of consumers reported that they would likely purchase the doughnut.