UGLIES Kettle Potato Chips reached a milestone achievement earlier this month: 5 million pounds of cosmetically irregular potatoes have been upcycled to craft its kettle-cooked potato chips. As part of its mission to reduce food waste, and educate the consumer on produce imperfection, UGLIES Kettle Potato Chips sources "ugly" potatoes that are deemed cosmetically challenged by today’s produce standards and crafts them into delicious kettle potato chips.

By purchasing UGLIES, consumers can feel good about helping small farms all around the country. UGLIES brand supports farmers by upcycling perfectly edible potatoes that would otherwise end up in landfills or plowed back into the earth resulting in emissions of harmful greenhouse gases. It also runs a zero-waste facility, diverting over 200 tons of waste from the landfill to be combusted for energy recovery.

“UGLIES chips promote environmentally friendly and sustainable food practices,” says Dwight Zimmerman, vice president of sales & marketing at Dieffenbach’s Snacks. “We recognize our position in the movement to reduce food waste. We understand the predicament farmers are facing when imperfect, yet perfectly edible crops are being discarded as waste and we are here to help.”

Last year, when the pandemic hit and restaurants closed, farmers scrambled to find homes for their unwanted crops. The team at UGLIES facilitated a community food drive to offload more than 40,000 pounds of potatoes to their local community in Berks County, PA. “As a mission-driven company, we’ll continue to utilize our resources and industry connections to improve the food waste dilemma,” says Zimmerman.

UGLIES Kettle Potato Chips are available on,,, and in retail grocery stores across the country. Packaging sizes include 1 oz., 2 oz., and 6 oz. bags.

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