Company: Dynamic Systems, Inc.

Technology Snapshot: Dynamic Systems, Inc., a Kirkland, Washington software developer specializing in solutions for seafood and meat processors, has launched a new feature for SIMBA, the application that provides production and inventory tracking and traceability reporting using barcode technology.

The SIMBA software application records inventory from receiving through production, storage and shipping. The first step for a processor or distributor is to receive the new product into raw materials inventory. For companies that receive cartons that are labeled with a GS1 barcode, the new receiving feature reduces the receiving steps to one scan. SIMBA’s database is automatically populated with the information that is tied to the GS1 code. What this means for the company is less time spent at the receiving dock, faster recognition of raw materials for production, and error-free inventory data.

SIMBA is the fast, accurate way to track production and inventory. The software is designed specifically for seafood and meat processors and replaces paper and pen data recording with fast touch screen and barcode data entry. Few if any changes to the current process are required. The solution works well for both companies that process in bulk and those that “make to order." All product is tracked in detail from receiving to shipping, including product features and attributes (size, color, cut, etc.). The solution provides integration to scales for automatic weight recording.

Key results from implementing the SIMBA system include increased productivity; the ability to get accurate production and inventory reports; full end-to-end traceability; and elimination of duplicate data entry and reporting at time of shipping, all in real-time.