Company: Wherefour, Inc.


Technology Snapshot: Wherefour ERP and traceability software is now offering stand-alone ComplianceDocs software to organize and automate compliance documentation requirements, including quality assurance functions. 

ComplianceDocs is cloud-based and fully mobile. It allows documents to be tagged with customized search terms for easy retrieval, and users receive automatic notifications when documents need to be replaced, said Matt Brown, Wherefour founder and CEO.

"It is easy to find the most recent version, and the software helps users track what compliance paperwork is in order and when it needs to be updated. Access can be shared with vendors so they can manage and update their own compliance paperwork," Brown said. Customized compliance or quality assurance tests can be created for vendors or employees to complete.

“Automating and streamlining the documentation process takes a significant paperwork management burden off personnel while making it easier and less time-consuming to assure compliance requirements are met,” Brown said. “ComplianceDocs is designed to be easy to try out and accessible for businesses of any size.”

More information about Wherefour is available at or by calling (415) 930-4028.