Originally scheduled as a SNAXPO21 Innovation Stage presentation, join Kerry in this webinar presentation of its 2021 global consumer sustainability research, entitled ”Sustainability in Motion: Actioning consumers’ sustainability goals in snacking” to discover how the snack industry can address consumers’ rapidly evolving sustainability expectations. Kerry will uncover key consumer associations with the movement, address consumer archetypes, and present actionable insights and opportunities for the snack industry to address the public’s current expectations and future needs around sustainability. The webinar will take place on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 2 p.m. Eastern time.

The gap between consumer intent and action is closing rapidly as the global public focus on sustainability reaches new heights due to global warming. As a result, sustainability is no longer considered niche: its importance has become irrefutable. Today, sustainability concerns significantly influence consumers’ food and beverage purchase behaviors, and therefore snack manufacturers must incorporate and increase their efforts in terms of health and nutrition, responsible sourcing of ingredients, food waste, packaging, etc., in order to foster long-term brand loyalty. Increasingly, consumers expect the brands, manufacturers, and operators they support to consider their personal convictions under the sustainability banner.

In 2021, Kerry surveyed more than 14,000 consumers across 18 countries and three continents in order to understand their views about sustainability, and this comprehensive study demystifies the concept from the consumer perspective. Kerry North America tested over 10 sustainability-related topics and 85 sustainability indicators in food and beverage across both the retail and foodservice sectors, then applied their results to develop invaluable insights for the North American snack industry.

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