IFF has announced new investments in next generation starter culture development and technology. These include a new collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) to develop cutting edge tools that will support the development of next generation starter cultures, and a production capability expansion plan. 

Globally, consumers are demanding for more plant-based food and beverage products. The world of plant-based is however, extremely diverse and presents several challenges to researchers and developers. The collaboration with the DTU National Food Institute aims to develop tools to improve the fitness of strains for plant-based materials, maximize synergies across strains, and gain better insights into the complexity of these materials. This partnership will help to enhance IFF’s existing portfolio of plant-based cultures.

IFF will also make a significant investment to increase its production capabilities for plant-based starter cultures at its Dangé-Saint-Romain facility in France. The scale-up will allow the company to continue to meet the increased demand for plant-based starter cultures with its existing range of solutions. 

These investments in research and production capabilities will further strengthen IFF’s leading innovative plant-based solutions such as the Danisco VEGE starter cultures, and services to help food and beverage producers stay ahead of consumer demand.

“Through our collaboration with a top-class research institute like the DTU National Food Institute, we are committed to support the plant-based industry with truly differentiated solutions,” said Jean-Philippe Obert, global R&D leader, cultures & food protection, IFF. “With this partnership, we believe our investment in science and partnering with the world’s best experts will enable the necessary transition towards more sustainable food production.”

“IFF is uniquely positioned to excel in this field buoyed by this intensive research program, which will strengthen our existing culture offerings while allowing us to work on our synergistic ingredients concept. This joint research and our investment in increased production capacity both demonstrate our commitment that we are able to offer the most cutting-edge technologies to our customers who working to meet consumer demand,” said Eve Martinet-Bareau, global product manager, cultures for fermented plant-based food and beverages, and probiotics for fermented foods, IFF.

“We are excited to partner with IFF to research new and innovative solutions in the world of plant-based food and beverage,” said Claus Heiner Bang-Berthelsen, senior researcher, DTU National Food Institute. “This partnership will help to unfold the potential of plant-based materials towards safer, healthier, tastier, and more sustainable food and presents a unique opportunity for creative problem-solvers to come together and make discoveries.”

IFF produces plant-based starter cultures that deliver sustainable innovations across a wide variety of food and beverage products. Learn more about the portfolio at: https://www.iff.com/food.