Company: RAIZE

Introduced: January 2022

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $29.00

Product Snapshot: A new no-sugar-added, low-carb, gluten-free, keto-friendly, and diabetic-friendly dessert is hitting the market on January 31, 2022. Based in New York City, RAIZE is a new online bakery that will ship fresh-baked, better-for-you desserts nationwide and has one mission: to help people enjoy indulgent desserts and feel good about it.

In 2019, 25-year-old Founder Zach Ranen took a particular interest in the health and nutrition world, which led him to overhaul his diet. While he was mostly successful in his healthy eating endeavors, he found that eliminating dessert from his diet wasn’t a sustainable option, nor was it a fulfilling one. He then began his search for a sugar-free, low-carb, and keto-friendly dessert. When none of the health-focused options on the market left him feeling satisfied, Ranen partnered with Chief Product Officer Jeff Yoskowitz, a pastry chef and educator with more than 30 years of culinary experience. Together they created the concept of RAIZE: a no-sugar-added, low-carb, gluten-free, keto-friendly bakery that doesn’t compromise on flavor or texture.

“I wanted to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle without compromising my appreciation for great food. After months of searching and tasting, I failed to find fresh baked goods that actually tasted great or made me want to order again. I was lucky enough to join forces with Jeff to create the healthiest, tastiest, and freshest cookie on the market,” says Ranen. 

Together, the RAIZE team created a menu with three cookies and three cookie sandwiches, all free from added sugars, refined carbs, and gluten. RAIZE cookies, which are only 130-140 calories and 1g net carbs, come in three flavors: Two Chip with milk and white chocolate, Chocolate Chip Pecan with milk chocolate and crunchy roasted pecans, and Maple Walnut with sweet maple flavor and chunks of walnuts. Each cookie is also paired with a complementary frosting in RAIZE’s cookie sandwiches.

The cookie sandwiches, which are 270-280 calories and contain 3g net carbs, come in three flavors: Two Chip & Chocolate Peanut Butter made with a rich chocolate peanut butter frosting sandwiched between two Two Chip cookies, Chocolate Chip Pecan & Coffee made with a creamy coffee filling between two Chocolate Chip Pecan cookies, and the Maple Walnut & Cinnamon featuring a sweet cinnamon frosting between two Maple Walnut cookies. More flavors are in the works for future releases. 

“After many months of testing recipes and working with different flavors, I am incredibly proud of our cookies at RAIZE. My chef friends can’t believe that we don’t use any sugar and only low-carb, gluten-free ingredients with no artificial sweeteners!” says Yoskowitz, who was most recently the program director/lead instructor for the Pastry and Baking Arts Department at the Institute of Culinary Education.

RAIZE desserts are available at and can be ordered by the half-dozen cookie sandwiches or full dozen cookies. Customers can also opt for variety packs to try out all of the flavors. RAIZE freshly bakes, packs, and ships each order. Products stay fresh for two weeks at room temperature and have a three-month shelf life if frozen. UPS ground delivery (1-6 days) is free for orders of $45 or more throughout the 48 continental United States. Expedited shipping, as well as delivery to Canada and all other US territories, is also available.