Great American Cookies, home of the original Cookie Cake, is continuing its longstanding tradition of treating its patrons to free cookies on Tax Day. On April 18, fans will receive one FREE Original Chocolate Chip Cookie with any purchase, available at participating locations in-store and online via the code TAX. The deal cannot be combined with any other offers.

The rich tradition, now going on for nearly a decade, provides cookie fans everywhere a reason to come back time after time and indulge in a little something for themselves after completing taxes. By dishing out freshly baked, irresistible Original Chocolate Chip Cookies, Great American Cookies hopes to sprinkle joy on what can otherwise be a stressful day, all while helping patrons save a little sugar.

“Great American Cookies has become synonymous with Tax Day, providing some much-needed sweetness for our loyal customers,” said Katie Thoms, senior director of marketing of FAT Brands’ Quick-Service Division. “We want all of our fans to get something back come Tax Day and there is nothing more delicious to receive than our Original Chocolate Chip Cookies.”

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