Company: NDC Technologies

Equipment Snapshot: NDC Technologies works closely with leading food manufacturers to enable them to better control product quality and improve process performance. In several food industries, such as snack foods, breakfast foods, biscuits, cookies and crackers, NDC’s near-infrared on-line gauges and at-line food analyzers are fit-for-purpose solutions, delivering high-accuracy and robust measurements that are trusted for process optimization and control.

International food manufacturers are realizing immediate value with NDC’s new Series 9 on-line gauge. This next-generation solution is designed for process optimization, allowing production plants to perform single- or multi-component measurements of moisture, fat/oil, protein, degree of bake, and other constituents. Stable, ultra-accurate measurements coupled with high-performance capabilities enable manufacturers to operate their process at peak efficiency, deliver the highest quality products and maximize KPIs. Series 9 is easy to use and maintain, and adaptable and scalable to meet current and future site requirements.

NDC’s InfraLab at-line analyzer provides fast, precise measurements of moisture, fat/oil, protein and degree of bake in single- or multiple-component configurations. It’s intuitive and easy to use, requiring no special skills to operate. Analysis can be performed in less than 5 seconds, delivering substantial savings through cost reduction from routine sampling. More representative sampling enables you to enhance product quality and consistency. Measurements are robust and reliable, and not affected by product and ambient changes such as temperature, relative humidity, and factory lighting.