Company: Seconds


Introduced: January 2022

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price

Product Snapshot: Seconds, a food brand on a mission to reimagine snacking where all food reaches its highest and best use, has announced its updated line of Carrot Crackers, in collaboration with Renewal Mill. 

Founded by food industry veteran Beth Stockli Kennedy, Seconds Carrot Crackers are socially responsible snacks helping to reduce food waste, a huge problem in the United States, where 40% of food goes unused each year. That’s almost 90 billion (200 pounds per person) meals worth of food that is being let go, unsold or uneaten each year. This is an enormous problem for the environment and is a greenhouse gas footprint equivalent to 4% of total U.S. GHG emissions. Seconds is here to combat this global issue by using upcycled vegetables in its crunchy crackers.

Seconds takes neglected carrots, mills them into a flour and adds savory seasonings to create their crisp, upcycled crackers. Seconds is proud to be: 

  • Female-founded 
  • Gluten-free
  • Plant-based 
  • Made with Real & Upcycled Veggies 

Seconds’ mission is to reimagine snacking where all food reaches its highest and best use.

Seconds CEO and co-founder Stockli Kennedy noted, “I saw a huge opportunity to utilize the nutritious and valuable excess produce from growers and producers and reimagine it into better-for-you snacks. I’m thrilled to deepen our commitment to upcycling with this new collaboration with Renewal Mill.” 

“We are passionate about working with fellow women-owned, upcycled companies to help create a more sustainable future,” said Caroline Cotto, co-founder of Renewal Mill. “With the rise of oat milk production, Renewal Mill is working diligently to utilize the oat pulp byproduct and its nutritional value. With that being said, we are honored to collaborate with Seconds and help ensure that the next-generation of eaters have a healthy planet and a sustainable future. Upcycling is about respect: respect for all the resources that go into growing and producing our food, and the people who do it.”

Made with real carrots, oat milk flour and nutritious superseeds, Seconds Crackers deliver 5g of fiber per serving, a delicious way to fit in more fiber, especially important since 95% of Americans do not get enough fiber in their diets. Seconds are also a nutritious boost to someone’s daily vegetable intake, when only one in 10 Americans eat enough vegetables today. Seconds is available in three flavors: Original Crunch, Everything Crunch, and Chipotle Ranch Crunch.