TricorBraun Flex, the flexible packaging division of global packaging business TricorBraun, has received the BPI Certification Mark from the Biodegradable Products Institute for its fully-compostable, plant-based packaging product, Biotré 3.0.

“We’re proud to have this distinction from the Biodegradable Products Institute for our Biotré 3.0 product,” said Glenn Sacco, vice president, commercial, TricorBraun Flex. “TricorBraun is committed to pursuing sustainable packaging. Since we first developed Biotré in 2011, we’ve continually worked to improve it to provide our customers with packaging options that help to protect both product and planet.”

Biotré 3.0 is made from high barrier materials, preventing the permeation of water, oil, oxygen, gas, or light. Additionally, the package can be disposed of in curbside composting bins for industrial composting. BPI’s certification of Biotré 3.0 is the latest in TricorBraun’s ongoing sustainability journey and efforts to continuously improve environmental, social, and corporate governance.

BPI Certification & why it matters

As consumer demand for sustainable products continues to grow, more manufacturers and companies are declaring their products sustainable and compostable. Consumers can trust the BPI Certification Mark to ensure that a third party has confirmed the product is truly compostable and meets certain standards—similar to the role the USDA Organic mark serves, which tells consumers that a third party has verified claims that a food product is organic. The BPI Certification Mark serves the same purpose for industrially compostable products in North America.

BPI certification helps ensure that products are made with correct components and that the correct tests have been conducted to ensure safety for the environment. BPI certification distinguishes the manufacturers and brands that make products that comply with scientific standards from those that do not. 

Biotré 3.0

Biotré products have become well-established as a sustainable packaging option for a variety of applications. Biotré is a flexible packaging film made from plant-based and compostable resources, such as wood pulp. Biotré reduces the amount of fossil fuel and mineral resources typically used in flexible packaging options.

Biotré 3.0 is the latest generation in this product line from TricorBraun Flex and is available for specialty food and snacks, coffee, pet treats, and nutraceuticals.

Biotré 3.0 is industrial compostable in compliance with the ASTM D6868 testing standard for compostable plastics coated with paper. A majority of the package’s film layers are made from renewable, plant-based materials. These components absorb greenhouse gas CO2 through natural plant respiration prior to use in packaging.

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