Company: Suterra

Equipment Snapshot: Suterra has released CheckMate Puffer IMM to control Indianmeal moth and other stored product moth species in commercial food handling and processing facilities.   

The new Puffer IMM is easy to deploy and can be used in a variety of commercial settings like food manufacturing, milling, storage, distribution, and retail settings.  When infestations of stored product moths are found in these settings, costly operation shut-downs, extensive cleaning, insecticide treatments, or fumigation are usually required.  

Suterra’s product prevents infestations and all the associated impacts by preventing pest mating. The new Puffer IMM uses the same Puffer technology that is trusted by thousands of growers in 20 different countries, worldwide. This reliable and trusted aerosol device automatically puffs non-toxic, species specific pheromone into the air to confuse and interrupt mating of moths lowering pest populations and helping pest management professionals achieve ultimate control.  

“We are thrilled to launch a product that delivers safety, convenience, and cost savings to the commercial food industry. We tested this in virtually all food settings for more than five years in over 30 trials to ensure the best performance and control against stored product moth pests in large-scale food handling facilities” said Vijay Pai, general manager of Commercial Pests for Suterra.  

CheckMate Puffer IMM has been shown to be effective at controlling populations of Indianmeal moth, Mediterranean flour moth, raisin moth, tropical warehouse moth, and tobacco moth for six months or more.   

Pest control specialists interested in ordering the CheckMate Puffer IMM, or learning more about how mating disruption can reduce pest populations should contact a Suterra sales representative by emailing or clicking here