Company: Utz Snacks

Introduced: May 2022

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $2.19 (2.625-oz.), $4.29 (7.75-oz.)

Product Snapshot: Utz Brands, Inc. is excited to announce two new limited-time-only potato chips offerings.

Kicking things off is an exciting partnership with Grillo's Pickles creating Classic Dill Pickle flavored potato chips. These fan-favorite brands align well and unite through their love of crisp, clean, and fresh snack foods. And, with pickle and pickled flavored potato chips growing +100% in the past year according to Mintel, the new Utz & Grillo's Classic Dill Pickle flavored potato chips are sure to please.

The new Utz & Grillo's Classic Dill Pickle flavored potato chips are available now and yet for a limited-time-only. They are available in both a 2.625-oz. On-the-Go and a 7.75-oz. Take-Home size to meet your snacking needs.

"I would eat Utz potato chips and a Grillo's spear while selling pickles out of our pickle cart in Boston; so having two of the best snacks available collaborate, is a dream come true," said Eddie Andre, director of brand experience, Grillo's Pickles, "The thing about Grillo's and Utz is that you can't just have one—they're way too good! I know when Grillo's fans and pickle lovers alike try this potato chip, they're going to go wild for it, and I have no doubt Utz fans will too."

And as Utz launches a fresh new look for its iconic line of potato chips, there's even more good news to celebrate: new Utz Ripple potato chips covered with Utz's crave-worthy Cheddar Cheese Balls flavor. Utz has merged its fresh and crispy Utz Ripple potato chips with its Utz Cheddar Cheese Balls flavor, forming a crunchy, cheesy-flavored potato chip.

"As we bring innovation and excitement to our brand fans, our new Utz Grillo's Classic Dill and Utz Cheddar Cheese Balls flavored potato chips will deliver with big & bold flavor," said Mark Schreiber, EVP sales & chief customer officer. "We're excited to partner with Grillo's while also leveraging our own Utz Cheese Balls in a unique and different way. Both of these new items are crispy, crunchy, and delicious— potato chip fans will love'm!"

Utz brand potato chips and other snack foods can be found in leading retailers across the U.S. or available online at