Food technology company Hero Bread, the baking innovators that make real bread with zero to one net carb per serving, has announced expanded availability of its specialty sandwich roll at Subway restaurants in seven new markets. First introduced in October 2021 as part of a successful test at select Subway locations in Colorado Springs, Boise, Des Moines, and Atlanta, Hero Bread is now available in more than 1,600 Subway locations across New York City Metro, The Bay Area, San Diego, Atlanta, Portland, OR, Portland, ME, Medford, Boise, and Salt Lake City.

"Bread is often seen as a key component to human happiness and we are excited to be able to provide consumers great tasting bread that offers a host of nutritional benefits," said Cole Glass, founder and chief executive officer at Hero Bread. "We are proud Subway was the first quick service restaurant chain to offer our one net carb sandwich rolls and we can't wait to see even more consumers enjoy their favorite Subway sandwiches made on Hero Bread."

Cole Glass founded Hero Bread as a result of severe food allergies, and his firsthand experience with the disappointment and frustration of an existence without bread was the catalyst to disrupt the baking industry. Hero Bread products have the same look, taste, and texture as regular bread and are a great choice for consumers looking to make better-for-you choices without compromising on taste. Hero Bread can be selected as the bread choice for any Subway sandwich and each 6-inch serving size has 0g sugar, 1g net carb, 100 calories, and 12g protein.

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