Company: FILLO'S


Introduced: June 2022

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $17.99 (7-pack)

Product Snapshot: FILLO’S has reimagined yet another Latin American classic for the modern day with the launch of Walking Tamales, the only shelf-stable, clean-label, ready-to-eat tamale available on the market made for on-the-go consumption.

Inspired by traditional Latin American recipes from their youth, FILLO’S founders Daniel and Antonio Caballero set out to create products that would provoke the familiar charm of home cooking while also fitting conveniently into their busy adult lives. With tradition at its core, FILLO’S brings shelf-stable, clean-label, ready-to-eat Latin food to a modern shopper.

Tamales are one of the oldest and most popular dishes across Latin America, making them a staple in many homes. Traditionally wrapped in corn husks, tamales are a labor of love, taking many hours to prepare, and are often reserved for holidays or special family gatherings. Walking Tamales reimagines the tradition, making them available whenever and wherever a craving for tamales strikes. And for those unfamiliar with tamales, Walking Tamales open the door to discovery, connecting consumers with new cultures and traditions.

Most similar in size and shape to existing bar products, Walking Tamales are unique as they connect traditional Latin American flavors with convenience, reimagining what tamales can be. Walking Tamales feature a range of flavors and ingredients that pay homage to classic tamales with flavors including black bean and habanero, but also offer a unique experience to customers by tapping into more recent trends in flavor innovation such as strawberry coconut and piloncillo.

Most bars include chocolate, nuts, and other sweet elements, but now there are options for savory and even spicy snacks that offer clean ingredients and meaningful nutrition. The brand is introducing six savory and sweet Walking Tamales varieties to suit any palate:

  • Bean Salsa Verde (Mild)
  • Bean Salsa Roja (Medium)
  • Bean Salsa Habanero (Hot)
  • Mexican Chocolate Almond (Mild)
  • Peanut Butter Piloncillo (Mild)
  • Strawberry Coconut (Mild)

Walking Tamales are designed to be eaten directly from the package, like a granola bar. With select varieties offering up to 7g of protein per bar, Walking Tamales seamlessly fit into active lifestyles which can include hiking, biking, running, and more. Walking Tamales can also be enjoyed warm, heated in the microwave for 25 seconds.

“The possibilities are endless with Walking Tamales,” says FILLO’S founder and CEO Daniel Caballero. “FILLO’S is about reimagining and making more accessible the classic Latin American flavors my family grew up eating. Without losing sight of the culturally significant tamal, we designed Walking Tamales to be a novel take on the dish which can now be enjoyed anywhere and at any time. Walking Tamales allow those that grew up eating tamales—or anyone who hungers for something new—to have Tamales Time, Anytime.”

Walking Tamales are now available for purchase at and on Amazon for $17.99 per 7 pack of pouches, sold by flavor and in a variety pack.