Hostess Brands, Inc. announced it awarded bonuses to each of its nearly 2,000 bakery and warehouse employees up to $1,000 in recognition of their hard work and dedication over the past several months.

“At Hostess, our people are our top priority, and we are pleased to reward and recognize the flexibility and commitment of our bakery and warehouse workers with ‘thank you’ bonuses for the second time this year.” said Rob Weber, chief people officer. “Our frontline workers are essential to delivering Hostess and Voortman snacks. We are so thankful to our employees who, despite continued supply chain challenges, have remained flexible with their schedules to always meet the needs of our customers and consumers.”

With supply chain shortages disrupting ingredient availability, Hostess Brands had to stay nimble to produce its snacks. At times, this meant adjusting production plans and rescheduling deliveries, which required employees to adjust their hours to continue delivering snacks.

Despite difficulties in the supply chain, Hostess Brands’ employees continued to operate safely and efficiently. For example, the company’s national warehouse in Edgerton, Kansas, currently has a 1.26 Total Incident Rate (TIR), which is the number of recordable incidents that a company experiences per 100 full-time employees in any given timeframe. To put that in perspective, the national TIR average for warehouses is 5.1. Throughout the company’s bakery network and warehouse, there hasn’t been a lost-time accident in more than 60 days.

Hostess Brands operates five North American bakeries in Chicago; Emporia, Kansas; Indianapolis; Columbus, Georgia; and Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Its facilities are rated A or AA under the global quality and food safety audit standard by the British Retail Consortium.