The world's biggest soccer event kicks off this November, and Avocados From Mexico (AFM) and Takis snacks have launched their shopper marketing campaign, "Guackeepers Keep it Good," helping fans bring the goodness of guacamole to their soccer viewing parties.

The number one selling brand of avocados and the Mexican brand of rolled corn tortilla chips are partnering to recruit two iconic soccer legends: Landon Donovan, one of the greatest American male players from the United States team, and Rafael Márquez, former Captain of the Mexico National team, described as the best defender in the team's history, having played in five World Games soccer tournaments. The two will be the official "Guackeepers" by always bringing guac made with Avocados From Mexico and Takis snacks to the party. 

According to a Numerator Study, there is a 1.8x basket increase when avocados and Takis snacks are purchased together. 2022 will be the first time the World Games will take place in the fall, a priority season for AFM, as the brand has majority share of the avocado category October to December, with a 9.1% growth in volume sales from 2018–2021 during this time frame. In addition, Avocados From Mexico bloom year-round in Michoacán and the region sends Hass avocados to the U.S. 365 days a year.

The new "Guackeepers Keep it Good" promotional program includes in-store displays, consumer savings, digital engagement, and recipe inspirations for fans, bringing the good times and good guac to life. Additionally, one lucky shopper will have the chance to win the ultimate Guackeepers sweepstakes, a trip to see any professional soccer match in the U.S. plus spending cash. Retailers are encouraged to request free "Guackeepers Keep It Good" promotional and merchandising materials from AFM while supplies last.

"What better way to celebrate soccer's biggest event than with the good flavors of AFM and Takis snacks?" said Stephanie Bazan, vice president of shopper and trade marketing for Avocados From Mexico. "Our Guackeepers Keep it Good in-store merchandising strategy is designed to excite the soccer-obsessed and spark good times, elevating sales during this priority time period for our brand."

The program offers shoppers a top-scoring combo including:

  • Savings with On-Pack Coupon: Shoppers can save $1 when they buy two Avocados From Mexico and one 9.9oz bag of Takis Rolled Tortilla Chips.
  • Sweepstakes: One lucky shopper will have the chance to win a sweepstakes for the ultimate Guackeepers event, a trip to see any pro soccer match in the U.S. plus spending cash.
  • Digital Engagement: Shoppers can interact with AFM and Takis snacks via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, by scanning the QR code at display to receive tasty recipes. 

"Watching the world's most intense soccer event wouldn't be complete without the right snacks, which made our decision to partner with Avocados From Mexico the perfect match," said Sandra Peregrina, marketing director of Salty Snacks for Barcel USA. "As our favorite teams get ready to face the intensity of the games, we're excited to invite fans to enter the ultimate Guackeepers sweepstakes and take their winning shot at a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

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