Vanmark, an industrial potato and produce processing equipment manufacturer, recently debuted vibratory conveying equipment jointly developed with its sister brand PFI at the ANUTEC International FoodTec India in Sept. as part of the MTS Foods exhibit.

The equipment was built in Bengaluru, India, by the local Vanmark team, marking the first effort in a new local capability and partnership between the two brands. The outcome is an integrated line of Vanmark and PFI equipment, with PFI’s conveyors connecting Vanmark’s peelers and hydrocutting machines to the rest of the processes on the line. The primary applications for this type of equipment in the region include potato chips, nuts, and other snacks, as well as produce. 

“The collaboration between Vanmark India and PFI serves as an example of what’s to come, as working together allows us to offer more complete solutions to the local market,” said Veeresh Gowdru, general manager, Vanmark India. “We were pleased to have this opportunity to showcase the new vibratory conveying equipment at the ANUTEC International FoodTec event.”

Producing the equipment in the Indian facility significantly reduces the costs of the machines. In addition, it eliminates tariffs and fees for the Southeast Asian market while reducing production and shipping times.

“The relationship between Vanmark and PFI under the Grote Company umbrella allows for this integration, which results in our ability to provide more complete solutions to support the core processes on our customers’ production lines,” said Bob Grote, chief executive officer, Grote Company. “This is another exciting development for PFI, which also launched a new brand and website last month.”