On October 28, Dr. Schär USA, Inc. hosted a ribbon cutting event to celebrate the expansion on its manufacturing facility located at 305 Heron Drive in Logan Township, New Jersey. Notable speakers included Dr. Schär AG / SPA's CEO Philip Schoeller, Dr. Schär North America CEO and President Hannes Berger, Dr. Schär North America Executive Vice President Robert Ehret, and Dr. Schär North America Plant Manager Simon Steckholzer.

The Dr. Schär business has grown +70% since 2019. An $18M investment was made to expand the U.S. facility, doubling the capacity to produce. The expanded facility features highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art baking and packaging equipment—a necessary investment to handle current and future growth, as well as to alleviate stress for our employees on the line.

"The plant expansion is a bold step for the company—a huge investment and commitment for the U.S. consumer," said Dr. Schär North America CEO and President Hannes Berger. "Our proximity to the customer is now even closer, allowing us to provide the freshest product to them. This is a purpose driven company, and we need to be as close to the consumer as we can."

New Jersey-based Dr. Schär USA, Inc., one of the nation's largest gluten-free companies, expanded their facility to 100,000 square feet to keep up with increasing demand. Over the coming months, renovations will continue, adding more production equipment & office space for our employees.

"Of our three company values: responsibility, progress, and proximity—all of which are very important to me—progress resonates with me most," Robert Ehret said. "It's always about moving forward, trying to achieve goals and pushing the business farther than anyone thought we could."

"We don't just make bread like other facilities. We give people a home here at Dr. Schär and we're one big family. Proximity goes both ways, to the people who consume our product and to our employees," said Simon Steckholzer.

For more than 100 years, Dr. Schär USA, Inc. has provided gluten-free food to the celiac, gluten-sensitive, and IBS communities, offering a safe and high-quality line of gluten-free products. The full portfolio of products spans from bread, cookies, candy, and crackers to frozen items, including puff-pastry dough and croissants. The facility expansion further solidifies the Dr. Schär roots in North America.