Read this article for more information about specific Cocoa Butter Alternatives available for confectionery.

AAK USA offers CBS products under itsCebes brand and CBE products under itsIllexao range, which specializes in heat stability and bloom retardation.

ADM Cocoa
In addition to offering compound coatings based on CBS and CBR fat systems, ADM Cocoa has the ability to make super compounds, in which “100% of the added cocoa butter [is] replaced with a CBE fat in order to behave and eat [the way] a chocolate coating would with cocoa butter,” says Adam Lechter, product services and development manager.

Under theWilbur Chocolate brand, Cargill offers multiple products made with CBSs, such as dark, white and milk chocolate-flavored coatings as well as a line of confectionery coatings made without hydrogenated fats, says Courtney LeDrew, marketing manager, Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate.

The company also offers its non-lauricFirstcoat line CBR, under thePeter’s Chocolate brand, which is used as a bottom coat on confections.

“It is a fast drying product designed to be 100% compatible with cocoa butter, which reduces or eliminates gray bottoms on centers,” says LeDrew, Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate. “It has less than 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving.”

Fuji Oil Europe
Fuji Oil Europe, a division of the Fuji Oil Group, produces its CBSs from lauric vegetable fats through the process of fractionation, hydrogenation and/or interesterification. It also has non-hydrogenated lauric CBSs in its range. Lauric CBSs present a melting behavior similar to cocoa butter in that they stay firm at room temperature, feature a crunchy texture and melt quickly and completely in the mouth. Fuji Oil Group’sPalkena fats are applied to confectionery products as CBSs and do not need to be tempered, which helps to simplify the production process.

Fuji Oil Europe’s non-lauric CBRs are available through itsMelano range.Melano NSis based on non-GMO oils. And for companies moving away from trans fatty acids, Fuji Oil Europe offersMelano LT,which contains a low amount of trans fatty acids and is non-GMO. These fats are used as coatings to enrobe products like wafers, biscuits and candy centers, or for moulding.

Fuji Oil Europe’s range of CBEs and CBIs (Cocoa Butter Improvers) falls under itsPalmy range of products, which is based on tropical fats or on enzymatically interesterified fats. The benefits of the CBEPalmy brands include good mouth feel and full compatibility with cocoa products. Depending on the application and recipe, the company can offer the most appropriate type of itsPalmy range. Fuji Oil Europe’s CBI product,Palmy 200 R, improves the characteristics of cocoa butter by improving heat resistance and resistance against chocolate bloom. Next to producing and offering its various CBAs, Fuji Oil Europe can also produce compounds and fillings based on these fats in its department "Flanders Fillings and Compounds."

Loders Croklaan
The Loders Croklaan coating fat product line includes coating fats based on palm kernel stearine, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, blends of palm oil and palm kernel oil, as well as a full line of cocoa butter equivalents, says Tim Surin, marketing manager, Loders Croklaan.