Life On The Links Recalled

Long before Jim Corcoran, vice president of trade relations for the National Confectioners Association, was a man of candy, he was a caddie. That was back in the 1960s, but recently, he and 12 of his bonded-for-life caddyshack cronies got together at the private club where it all happened, Old York Road, outside of Philadelphia, to pose and reminisce for Golf Magazine. You can read all about it in the February issue, but suffice to say, it was “the times of their lives” where Corcoran and this special caddie clan were shaped by club members and each other into the successful businessmen, fathers, and husbands that they are today. Oh yeah, and the word is — Corcoran can hit them long and sink a few, too. Corcoran is pictured in the front row, far left.