Ohio State University All-American left tackle (and projected first-round NFL draft pick) Paris Johnson Jr. has signed a deal to use his name, image, and likeness on a custom, all-natural beef jerky product called Paris’ Cut made by Columbus, Ohio brand, Charqui Jerky Company. Paris’ Cut is available for sale at Columbus-area Giant Eagle grocery stores, and nationally on Amazon and at the Charqui Jerky site. The product will be available at all 177 United Dairy Farmers (UDF) locations beginning on February 13, 2023.

Paris’ Cut is a custom sweet and smoky BBQ-style beef jerky that Johnson helped inspire. 

“It’s so much fun to be able to help inspire a product with Charqui Jerky that my family and I snack on regularly,” says Johnson. “This just shows the true support and power of the Buckeye family by tying in partners like Giant Eagle who have supported my foundation for a while and UDF which I’ve been visiting since I was a kid growing up in Cincinnati.” 

According to the company, more locations in Northeast and Northwest Ohio will be added soon.

UDF category manager Sydne Kirn says, “We are excited for the Charqui Jerky—Paris Johnson Jr. promotion and are honored to be a part of what feels like a perfectly painted picture of local talents and local brands coming together. Paris Johnson is not only a fantastic athlete but a role model within the community. United Dairy Farmers has been a hometown favorite for over 80 years, and we are proud to highlight the unique brands and talents this state has to offer.”

A portion of proceeds from Paris’ Cut will benefit The Paris Johnson Jr. Foundation (which helps disabled veterans and disadvantaged students) and Columbus-based literacy organization 2nd & 7. Johnson adds, “It’s important to me to support the communities that have helped me grow and to give back which this project also does by supporting my foundation and 2nd & 7.” 

Monica Daniels, executive director of the Paris Johnson Jr. Foundation, says, "My family and I love serving and giving back to our community,” said Daniels. “We are so grateful for all the support that helps make these programs possible.”

As part of the deal, Jackson will attend one public appearance at a Central Ohio Giant Eagle location and one appearance at a Greater Cincinnati area UDF location at dates to be determined later. Paris will also do a book reading to an Ohio second-grade elementary school with 2nd & 7 at a date to be determined.

Charqui Jerky Company owner Matt Salts says, “What an amazing opportunity to work with Paris, his family, and team on this project to develop a high-quality, great-tasting snack while tying in current retail partners such as Giant Eagle and UDF to bring it to life. It’s extremely fulfilling to work with someone like Paris who always has an eye on community growth and was 100% behind growing his foundation and supporting 2nd & 7 which is at the core of what we do at Charqui Jerky Company."

"Paris is a perfect example of what it means to pay it forward," says 2nd & 7 executive director Amy Hoying. "We are honored to be a  part of this Charqui product promotion that is prioritizing community service through The Paris Johnson Jr. Foundation and 2nd & 7.

Student-athletes have a unique platform to be positive role models to young children and we know that Paris will leave a legacy of impact through this opportunity. We are grateful to Paris and our friends at Charqui Jerky for supporting our mission to tackle illiteracy.”