Fetch, a consumer-engagement platform, announced its partnership with PIM Brands, Inc., maker of Welch's Fruit Snacks.

Coming on the heels of a successful pilot with Fetch, the full partnership will enable PIM Brands to gain insights into real-time customer buying behaviors and connect with consumers of its Welch's Fruit Snacks, Welch's Juicefuls, and Welch's Fruit n' Yogurt Snacks by activating and engaging shoppers through Fetch.

During the initial six-month engagement, the Fetch platform helped PIM Brands forge connections with new consumers, not only delivering an uptick in new buyers for Welch's Juicefuls Juicy Fruit Snacks, but also driving increased repeat purchases among these new Welch's Fruit Snacks buyers. PIM Brands also experienced a significant lift in household penetration and an increase in spend per household, indicating a deepening of relationships with existing customers.

"In a relatively short period, Fetch has helped PIM Brands gain novel insights and reach new consumers across our Welch's Fruit Snacks portfolio through its innovative and unique approach to the consumer experience and their interactions with brands," said Josh Shapiro, chief marketing officer, PIM Brands, Inc. "We are thrilled to continue our official partnership with Fetch to accelerate our digital presence, meeting consumers with the personalized rewards they want."

This latest partnership further expands Fetch's sweeping network of the nation's leading consumer-packaged goods (CPG), retailer, and restaurant brands to reward shoppers for every purchase they make. PIM Brands rewards consumers each time they purchase Welch's Fruit Snacks products from any store and creates unique offers right on Fetch to drive their desired consumer behavior.

"Welch's Fruit Snacks is not only a beloved staple in so many households, but also a true category innovator in the CPG space," said Patrick Burke, chief revenue officer, Fetch. "With this continuation of our relationship, we'll explore new ways to help PIM Brands create long-lasting connections with consumers and tap into our best-in-class measurement capabilities to help drive key business outcomes."

With sightline to over $135 billion in annual retail sales from over 17 million users, Fetch is equivalent to the fifth-largest and fastest-growing U.S. retailer. This omnichannel data reflects purchases across retailers—both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar— providing brands with a 360-degree view of consumer purchase behavior. Fetch's proprietary metric, Verified Incremental Return, tracks precise ad performance using randomized holdouts and SKU-level data from receipts. A vast improvement from current standard measurement methodologies like ROAS and iROAS, Verified Incremental Return empowers brands to answer that age-old question—"Did my ad work?"—with confidence and clarity to make more informed, impactful business decisions.

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