Pearl Technologies, part of the of EDGE Industrial Technologies family of companies, has announced the introduction of its “value” range of zero-clearance punching units. The new range of “disposable” units reportedly provide excellent punch quality at budget-friendly pricing for punching round holes, hanger holes, corner rounds, and tear notches. 

The Value ZC units are a new addition to Pearl’s range of punching solutions for the pouch and bag industries. They are designed as non-sharpenable, single-use units. In initial testing, these units have run more thanq 4 million cycles and counting and have kept on punching (material and speed can impact longevity), producing the quality punch cuts customers expect from Pearl. The production manager at the test site states, “The punches are performing excellent, and the quality is what I would expect with any Pearl equipment."

The Value ZC range has been designed to withstand fast punch cycle times, producing clean and consistent cuts with minimal maintenance. Improved uptime and runnability give the Pearl Value ZC range an edge on the competition. Additionally, the unit meets Pearl’s rigorous quality standards; it is a robust, durable design geared toward budget-conscious customers.

Pearl’s Value Zero Clearance units join their Lightning, Flex Units, and Pivot Punch products to provide a broad range of punching and hole-making equipment.