Edlong Dairy Technologies is introducing the new tagline The Scientific Art of Authentic Taste™ to define its broad capabilities at blending flavor science and culinary artistry to create authentic taste in food and beverages.

“While our name highlights technology, the compelling value proposition to our customers was missing” says Beth Warren, Edlong chief commercial officer. “This tagline communicates our unparalleled expertise in customizing dairy flavor profiles that deliver unique functional benefits and authentic taste,” she continues.

Edlong excels at the science that creates authenticity. Its highly specialized flavorists have unique expertise in dairy flavor chemistry. There’s also an art to Edlong’s approach. The company selects optimal combinations of ingredients along with process complexity to create innovative products to improve and shorten the commercialization of successful food and beverage launches.

“We invest in new technologies and resources that enable our global customers to deliver their pipeline innovations faster to the market”, says Laurette Rondenet-Smith, Chief Executive Officer.  “It is essential that we continuously expand our capabilities to meet the ongoing demand for flavors with unique properties that meet those consumer unmet needs,” she adds.

The tagline will debut at Natural Products Expo West/Engredea 2017, and will accompany the logo in a new advertising campaign appearing in Food Business News, Prepared Foods, Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery, Dairy Foods, Food Navigator and other publications.