Little Bites Snacks is returning with Little Bites Chocolate Party Cake Muffins, back for a limited time only. Limited Edition Little Bites Chocolate Party Cake Muffins are the latest addition to the brand's line of pre-portioned pouches filled with baked snacks, with only 180 calories per pouch.

This sweet addition to the Little Bites product line can be enjoyed nationwide by both kids and adults from now through July. Little Bites Chocolate Party Cake Muffins contain no high fructose corn syrup or trans fat, and are baked moist and soft and made with rainbow sprinkles and real cocoa.

"At Little Bites, we are committed to bringing families seasonal snacking innovations that will make each little moment, whether it be kids learning to tie their shoes or being tall enough to reach the top shelf, feel really big," said Moira Flood, marketing director for Little Bites Snacks. "We can't wait to hear how Little Bites Chocolate Party Cake Muffins help our fans create celebrations any time of day!"

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