The International Food Information Council has unveiled its 18th annual Food & Health Survey results. The consumer research study is intended to gather and share insights into Americans’ food perceptions and food purchasing decisions.

Some notable findings in this year’s edition of the survey:

  • Americans are feeling the squeeze of inflation:
    • An overwhelming 91% of respondents saw an increase in food and beverage prices over the past year (72% noted a “major” increase)
    • Of consumers noting an increase in food costs, nearly half said they cut back on non-essential foods and beverages, and nearly three in 10 said they made less healthy choices.
  • Consumers perceive a connection between stress and diet:
    • 74% of Americans believed the foods and beverages they consume have a significant impact on their overall well-being
    • 60% of Americans surveyed reported being somewhat stressed in 2023 (an increase from last year), with Gen Z and millennials leading the way
  • For the first time in the survey’s history, the IFIC dove deeper into which social media channels consumers are getting their information about foods and beverages, and how this impacts their purchasing behavior:
    • 60% of consumers report that seeing food-related social media content encourages them to make healthier choices
    • While 68% of consumers report seeing conflicting information, and 60% say it makes them doubt their food choices

Plus, the survey indicates Americans are eating more protein than ever, they trust LinkedIn and Reddit the most, and they’re prioritizing sustainability and products labeled “healthy.”

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