Sunrise Flour Mill, a producer of organic heritage wheat flours in Minnesota, has announced a strategic partnership with Cead Farms, a dedicated organic farm in Colorado with farmland in Minnesota, Colorado, and across the Midwest and West. According to the partners, the collaboration ensures a sustainable and secure supply of premium organic wheat for Sunrise Flour Mill's growing customer base while supporting a commitment to community and sustainable agricultural practices.

Fueled by a desire to reclaim the wholesome goodness of pre-industrialized wheat varieties, Sunrise Flour Mill combines organic, regenerative farming practices and renewed 1930s milling technology into a lineup of nutrient-rich, easily digestible heritage wheat products that produce luscious, lofty baked goods. 

The partnership with Cead Farms guarantees Sunrise a reliable supply of organically grown heritage wheat to meet the growing demand for healthy and sustainable baking ingredients that many gluten-sensitive people find they can digest. Both companies share a deep commitment to sustainable organic farming practices, supporting local agriculture and the rural community, and producing premium quality products.

Notes Sunrise Flour Mill co-founder Marty Glanville, “We’re thrilled to partner with Cead Farms to help further our mission of reintroducing heritage wheat to the everyday home baker. More than just a high-quality, organic, and sustainable supply of wheat, Cead shares our commitment to investing in organic crops for future generations and the planet.” 

“This exciting new partnership with Cead Farms makes Sunrise Flour Mill one of the only producers of organic heritage grain that grow the wheat they mill, for complete seed-to-sack transparency. Free of chemicals and boasting a higher nutritional yield per berry, it’s the little details that make a big difference in our heritage wheat products, from our farm to your family,” notes Derek Dykstra of Cead Farms.

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