Sola (a producer specializing in low-carb and low-sugar breads, bagels, and buns) has announced the launch of Kids Bread, Classic Bread in White and Multigrain varieties, and Rolls. These additions join Sola’s existing lineup, all reportedly made using top-quality, non-GMO ingredients without any added sugar, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  

Sola’s Kids Bread is entering the category as one of the only breads made specifically for kids. This bread contains zero sugar or added sweeteners and offers a full serving of fruits and vegetables per two slices. It was made with kids’ nutritional needs, picky eaters, and parents’ convenience in mind to provide an easy and delicious bread option for parents that they haven’t seen before. 

“There is a big problem with the amount of sugar in kids’ diets, and a lot of time that sugar is hiding within the foods they’re eating every day,” says President of Sola Kevin Brouillette. “We saw a massive area of opportunity within the bread category for a kid-specific product that is health-forward and free from sugar and sweeteners that still delivers the taste kids know and love. We’re proud to have created this innovative solution for families and hope this ignites change within the industry.”

Sola has also introduced two new Classic Loaves, which are slightly larger than Sola’s existing bread offerings, making them a suitable ‘everyday bread.’ Offered in White and Multigrain varieties, they contain 8g of fiber, have only 50 calories, and contain zero sugar or added sweeteners. 

“The bread category hardly ever sees a sugar-free, high-fiber, and low-carb offering that tastes just as good as the rest,” says Brouillette. “We’re extremely proud of our team who has been able to perfect a delicious line of classic breads, with a better nutrition content than any other bread loaf on the market.”

Also joining Sola's product offerings is a line of Rolls available in two flavors: Savory & Buttery, and Sweet Hawaiian.

Sola Kids Bread and Classic Loaves launched at H-E-B stores on May 10 with Classic Loaves at an SRP of $4.98 and Kids Bread at an SRP of $5.64. The Rolls will be available for purchase June 7 at H-E-B at an SRP of $4.98. All items are also launching on

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