When reading about the increasing world consumption of food and energy, a feeling of helplessness can overshadow reality.

As a result, it’s necessary to sort out our role in the local, national and world economy, validate our participation and prove our products are relevant in today’s society by bringing value to our customers and the end-user.

A small family-owned manufacturing business such as Kwik Lok Corp. has to be responsible to the larger world economy by participating and contributing positively to perceived or real world concerns. In addition, it is important to demonstrate value in the product line to be a responsible participant in today’s food industry.

Globally, Kwik Lok has taken steps to reduce its carbon output, and the Yakima, Wash.-based company designs production equipment to use less energy. In addition to providing easy-to-open and easy-to-close bag closures, which can be applied during the bag closing cycle, Kwik Lok has addressed traceability and recall concerns by offering a wide range of printing options that include laser, thermal, ink and cold foil transfer. Each method presents a wide range of printing options and capability, each with environmental compatibilities and advantages.

Along with the all-plastic, recyclable Kwik Lok closure, bakers, snack producers and other food companies have expressed that Kwik Lok’s ability to offer a closure label to carry and enhance the identification of the contents within the package has proven successful. The label can carry a variety of barcodes that are preprinted prior to application or printed on demand at the time of closing the bag. The Kwik Lok closure labels also can offer customers the option of cross-coupon, recipe or promotional opportunities presented at the strategic, most noticed location, which is at the opening end of the bag.

Kwik Lok will continue to be a leader that brings value to the bag closing station with environmentally accepted bag closing machinery and closures to help ensure the safety of food products.

For more information, visit www.kwiklok.com.

Editor’s Note: Kwik Lok Corp. provided the information for this article.