In the manufacturing of highly sustainable production lines, Rademaker is taking the phrase cradle-to-cradle to a higher level. Here are some ideas for producing products in a more ‘green,’ efficient and safe way.

The term cradle-to-cradle is often used to suggest that the industry must protect ecosystems and seek to create systems that are not just efficient but essentially waste-free. Rademaker’s equipment is used by industrial bakers all over the world, so it is a large contributor to this initiative. It takes environmental responsibility very seriously and wants to ensure that its production lines have the highest process accuracies (avoid waste of ingredients) and use the latest technologies (efficient at low energy levels).

The European regulation, IEC/EN 60034-30 (and its global counterparts) is an attempt to reduce the energy used by motors equal to or larger then 0.75Kw. As with all regulations, they are mandatory for manufacturers and their end-users. Rademaker states that it follows all related regulations and delivers its lines accordingly. The new motors are said to reduce energy consumption by +-2%.

Not only can this bring significant savings to customers, it can also prevent problems when local institutes enforce these regulations. The design and implementation of the safety-related parts of the company’s control systems on machinery (EN 954-1) becomes obsolete by the end of 2011. Machine builders must use EN ISO 13849 or EN/IEC 62061 to achieve compliance with the new directive.  

As of Jan. 1, 2010, the company’s equipment was upgraded to these standards and provides users and suppliers of machinery with a pathway to serious injury prevention.

Key changes include:
•    Process of risk assessment: an iterative process of hazard identification, risk estimation, hazard elimination or risk reduction.
•    Safety system requirements: control systems in such a way that a fault in the hardware or software of the control system and/or reasonably foreseeable human error does not lead to hazardous situations.

Rademaker production lines strive for sustainability and can be adapted to all safety and energy-saving regulations.