Check out this assortment of new launches that range from tapioca-based ingredients to natural coloring concentrates to sodium-reduction solutions.

American Key Food Products offers two tapioca-based ingredients, tapioca pearls and granulated tapioca, for thickening and texturizing of puddings, pie fillings, gravies and more. Tapioca pearls, for instance, are used in puddings, creating round, soft, clear particles known as “fish-eyes,” which impart a gentle mouthfeel. Green, red and yellow color pearls are available to create colorful puddings. They also can be used as carriers for removing the rice bran layer from milled rice. On the other hand, granulated tapioca is a thickener and texturizing agent that imparts a more granular texture where desired in puddings, gravies and pie fillings. Both ingredients are natural pre-gel starch cookup products with bland, neutral taste and are non-GMO, kosher certified and gluten free. They are made by clean, natural, mechanical processes without chemicals, and can be included in 95% organic products.
American Key Food Products
Closter, N.J.

GNT introduces EXBERRY, a range of natural coloring concentrates from ripe fruits, vegetables and other edible plants that are obtained exclusively by traditional physical processing. This line of food colorings can be used without limitation or labeling requirements, and are an ideal alternative to colors that are affected by the new EU regulation. The flavors come in strawberry, orange, lemon and black currant.
Tarrytown, N.Y.

Main Street Ingredients introducesSoda-Lo, a sodium reduction solution that cuts sodium by more than 50% without impacting flavor. Soda-Lo is a 100% sodium chloride product and can be listed as “salt” on labels. By restructuring the microscopic salt particles to take on the form of free-flowing hallow balls,Soda-Lois able to evade application issues like clumping or caking.  
Main Street Ingredients
La Crosse, Wis.

ADM features its new sorghum flour in a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie, which also contains the company’s signatureVegeFullbean powder in place of wheat flour, as well asAmbrosiachocolate chips. ADM’s sorghum flour comes in white and whole grain options and is designed for gluten-free and multigrain applications, such as cakes, cookies, breads and pancakes. ADM also offers a range of high-quality flours, including winter, spring and soft wheat, and specialty flours such as Kansas Diamond white whole wheat flour. Meanwhile, theAmbrosiachocolate chips, chunks and coatings are used in baked goods, and its line ofdeZaancocoa powders are available in vibrant reds and browns to help bakers distinguish their products.
ADM Milling Co.
Overland Park, Kan.

Cargill introducesClear ValleyOmega-3 Oil, a new canola/flaxseed oil blend that contains up to 30% of ALA (alpha linolenic acid) Omega-3 and provides a minimum of 160 mg. of ALA in most applications. This patent-pending oil is available for product trial testing and allows food manufacturers to make a “good source of ALA Omega-3” or “excellent source of ALA Omega-3” claim on the front of the package.
Cargill, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minn.

*Photo courtesy of American Key Food Products