Company: Puratos


Ingredient Snapshot: “Indulgence” probably brings to mind guilty pleasures like Halloween candy, glazed doughnuts, or that chocolate bar you have stashed somewhere for a stressful day. But what if you could indulge and feel good about it? What if you could have your cake and eat it too?

Puratos is on a mission to turn this dream into a reality. Today, it announced RE-invent Indulgence, its trailblazing approach for sweet goods focused on Real ingredients, Responsible choices and Re-imagined textures.  

To support this ambition, Puratos has rolled out a range of products that challenge traditional notions of indulgence: real, clean label Topfil fruit fillings, a new Belcolade Sugar-Reduced Chocolate, a brand-new line of plant-based cake and brownie mixes and an innovative texture collection featuring Steamed Cake Donuts. These exciting new textures, better-for-you ingredients, and field-to-fork fruit fillings, sourced from local farmers prove that taste, health and care for people and planet can go hand in hand.

With 87 percent of US consumers reading ingredients labels, 36 percent following a plant-based diet, and 56 percent mentioning that food in retail is too sweet, “there has never been a better time to re-think the future of sweet goods”, says Jessica Blondeel, sr. product manager of Patisserie at Puratos USA.

“RE-invent Indulgence is a groundbreaking way of bringing more fruit, more grains, less sugar and lighter textures into a category that has historically meant choosing between indulgence and health,” Blondeel added. “These ingredients break the ‘all or nothing’ convention. Bakers can still deliver the craveable comfort food shoppers want—doughnuts, brownies, chocolate cake—but in a more responsible way.”

Puratos believes the unification of its strategy under “Re-invent Indulgence” will bring new life to the sweet goods category and accelerate bakers’ business with products their customers can feel good about.

While Puratos’ Cacao-Trace sustainable cocoa program has always focused on expert fermentation techniques to generate superior tasting chocolate for consumers and more income for farmers, its latest Cacao-Trace, non-GMO, 100 percent plant-based mixes are the first of their kind in the industry. Its unique Steamed Cake Donut mix is patented, and the new Topfil clean label fruit fillings offer a breath of fresh air for desserts that often contain lengthy ingredient lists that most consumers don’t recognize.

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