tna purchases Arcall, a leading U.K. supplier of seasoning and cutting systems. As a result of the acquisition, tna can now offer multiple seasoning and spraying products along with a range of specialized cheese-cutting equipment for use across a wide variety of applications.

Food packaging systems provider tna, Sydney, Australia, acquires Arcall, which provides a range of seasoning and cutting systems that tna says can be easily integrated with its existing portfolio of cutting-edge packaging equipment.

Says Bob Fritz, director of business development: “This acquisition underlines our commitment to becoming a single-source supplier of flexible, high-performance food packaging solutions. Seasoning is an integral part of the manufacturing process and finding an effective seasoning system is vital for the success of any production line. Our acquisition of Arcall gives tna access to market-leading seasoning technology and now positions us as the only supplier of seasoning solutions for the whole production line, from the end of fryers or ovens right through to packing. We are confident this will bring added value and increased opportunities to customers and they, in turn, will reap the rewards.”  

Established in 1961, Arcall became a pioneer in the development of continuous seasoning systems for use in both wet and dry applications. Arcall’s machines for wet applications feature a range of high performance cross-band, spinning-disc systems that apply a variety of liquids such as oils, slurries, egg or dairy solutions, barrier fats and syrups to products, including biscuits, crackers, confectionery, pizza, fish, meat/poultry, baked goods, cereals and more. They are used as flavorings, adhesive carriers, release agents, marinades and glazes.