Company:Botanical Bakery, LLC, Fairfield, Calif.
Introduced:November 2008
Suggested Retail:$1.75 to $2.25 for a 1-oz. two-pack; $14 to $19 for a 6.5-oz. carton
Product Snapshot:Instead of spending boo-koo bucks for a refreshing day at the spa, consumers can now bite into a botanical-infused tea cookie, handcrafted from the finest of organic ingredients and available in such offerings as Lavender Tea, Cinnamon Basil and Cardamom. In January, the Lemon Thyme variety was brought to the marketplace.
Ingredients (Cinnamon Basil):Organic unbleached flour, organic sweet cream butter, organic pure cane sugar, organic basil, organic cinnamon vitamin E (an antioxidant).