Ingredient Spotlight

Nutriant Low-Carb Technologies
Nutriant, A Kerry Company, offers a line of soy powders and concentrates that can be used in low-carb products. These soy ingredients are naturally processed without hexane and are also available in organic form. The isolated soy protein (ISO) powders are high-protein powders processed for a variety of specific functions. This isolated soy protein contains only one net carb. The line of soy protein concentrates is 65% protein and is available as powders, or as textures processed for a variety of specific functions as well. These concentrates also have only one net carb.
Nutriant flour contains 45-50% protein and is available in full- or low-fat varieties. The 500 series of soy fibers combine 55% dietary fiber with 25% protein and zero net carbs for a power-packed addition to any application.
The company’s 100 series of soy fiber has a whopping 67% of dietary fiber and 15% protein with zero net carbs, while Nutriant Solnuts — roasted soy beans that are 45% protein and 20% dietary fiber — are available in halves or in diced, minced, flavored or plain varieties with only eight net carbs.
Nutriant also produces oil, which is more than 99% pure. Its grits are 45-50% protein in full- or low-fat varieties and come in either toasted or plain flavors.
The products can be used in a variety of applications from pasta to snacks, hot and cold cereals to chips, breadsticks, flatbread and pizza dough to bread, muffins to cookies and even hand-held pastries. The application options are endless.
Using Nutriant products in bakery applications results in a great-tasting product with no masking required. Traditional texture, mouthfeel and color are present, and the products are finished with a traditional cooking time. Products have excellent holding, retorting, freezing and microwaving capabilities.
Protein and carb levels are a factor and are positioned to manage nutrition for children, follow the soy health-claim trend, maintain low- or reduced-carb levels and remain natural and organic. Products enjoy excellent production performance in a variety of sizes, shapes and textures.
Moreover, Nutriant products are highly compatible with a variety of colors, flavors and coatings. Bitterness gives way to great taste along with a carbohydrate content as low as 2 gm. per 28 gm. serving (depending on the application and product).
Pizza dough is left with less than one third of the carbs in traditional pizza crust, with excellent freeze and thaw tolerance. Sweet or savory pie crusts and hand-held pastries benefit from excellent freeze and thaw tolerance, and compared to traditional pie crusts, they have 33% fewer net carbs, 20% fewer calories and four times more protein. 1-800-648-3503.