Cutting Edge

Tonelli Group
’s batt­er Preparation Unit Ensures a Seamless Production Process. the System is Equipped With a Micro-plc Controlled Tonelli Planetary Mixer, a Buffer Tank Rat, Continuous Aerating Mixer Cam, Electric Control Board and Chiller Unit. 1-877-719-6503.

Intralox’s new Series 2700 Spiralox belt is the only modular plastic belt designed to convey small products in spiral freezing and cooling applications. The new belt eliminates extra labor and alterations associated with spiral retrofits. In addition, the belt combines the benefits of modular plastic construction with superior product protection, which reduces downtime and ensures the quality of bakery spiral applications. Other benefits include 50% less product waste, 75% less maintenance, longer belt life, high capacity and easier cleaning. 1-800-535-8848.

NuTEC Manufacturing offers an all-hydraulic, microprocessor-controlled, multi-outlet forming machine — the NuTEC 745. The system is built tough and is reliable, efficient and easy-to-maneuver plant-wide. The 745 combines accurate weight control, minimum leakage and quick changeovers with mobility. In addition, a unique NuTEC vane-pump feed system utilizes a rotating spiral to gently move product to the rotor eliminating overworking of product, bridging and backflow. The 745 vane-pump feeds directly to the mold plate cavity, and can portion up to 5,000 lbs. of product including a variety of meat and cheese fillings for hot and savory snacks per hour. Its portable design ensures ease of sanitation. 1-815-722-2800.

Casa Herrera, Inc.’s TP4242 programmable flour tortilla press is equipped with automation direct PLC and interactive touchscreen. The system’s production capacity is from 630 to 2520 Dz/H, for 6-in. to 14-in. tortillas. Features include a 20-hp. hydraulic power unit, stainless-steel frame and conveyor, three-zone temperature control for top and bottom plates, Teflon belt indexing controlled by fiber-optic sensor and much more. An optional press maximizer adds 220% more throughput of product, continuous flow into the oven in order to reduce gaps, extended oven dwell time and a cooling conveyor. 1-800-624-3916.

Formers of Houston uses the latest fabrication techniques and design technology in its bag-forming equipment. Its new UltralYte showcases the breakthroughs in bag forming. The system is manufactured with lightweight materials, weighing about 50% less than conventional bag forming assemblies. It also requires less time to load, unload and change out. The UltralYte’s ergonomic design is easier and safer to handle. The system’s concept can adapt to any bag-forming assembly, regardless of size, shape or style. Formers is the only manufacturer to patent the UltralYte’s design, and backs all of its products with a 100% guarantee. 1-800-468-5224.

Dorner Manufacturing offers a sanitary, welded, all-stainless-steel conveyor belt with curves as an addition to its AquaPruf line of conveyors. The heavy-duty sanitary conveyor is suitable for USDA-regulated processes including baked goods. Dorner customizes a range of belts specific to customer needs and requirements. 1-800-397-8664.

Revent Inc. has a new 724 double-rack gas oven engineered for optimal bottom heat. It provides superior oven-jump and maximum lift for quality, baked products. In addition, the oven is equipped with Revent technology systems, including the Revent TCC System for total convection control, the Revent HVS System for high-volume steam and the Revent LID System for a layered insulation design. The 724 oven is available in gas-, oil- or electric-heated models. 1-800-822-9642.

The Burford PS-2 Pattern Splitter is designed to provide eye-catching splits to an array of baked goods and can be programmed to produce a variety of exciting split patterns. No pan delays are required as pans flow continuously through this system. In addition, the system is completely automatic. 1-877-287-3673.

The CS-5AFS from FoodTools is a one-stroke automatic slicer with multiple blades capable of slicing cakes, pies, pizza and other frozen products. The model is air-powered and includes features such as dual-push buttons, emergency stop button and a fully guarded slicing blade to ensure operator safety. In addition, the system has an automatic platform feed and return, adjustable platform height, high-quality pneumatic valves, regulator and filter and heavy-duty lockable caster wheels. 1-800-644-2377.

The latest model from O/K International is the T-PAKTM 550 system, and is equipped with a flat conveyor and a foam compression belt. The bag with product travels down the conveyor and under the foam compression belt, which removes air from the bag without harming product. The bag then enters the OK Supersealer to get the “perfect seal.” Other benefits include stainless-steel or painted models and customized building to meet individual application requirements. 1-800-521-2908.

Hinds-Bock Corp. introduces a multi-piston bottle-filling system. Since 1976, Hinds-Bock has been dedicated to meeting the needs of the baking industry with its high-quality piston-filling/depositing equipment and systems. 1-877-292-5715.

Komatsu introduces two new series of forklifts — the ASX and BSX series. The ASX series includes cushion-tire lift trucks, a 3,000- to 3,5000-lb. capacity and 30V electricity. In addition to cushion-tire lift trucks and 36V electricity, the BSX series can handle 3,800- to 6,000-lbs. of material. Both forklifts function to high performance specifications and are equipped with features such as overhead guards, MOSFET controllers, self-diagnostic start-up, full electric power steering, dual-disc parking brakes and more. 1-800-821-9365.

Gold Hills Nut Co. is an approved Organic Processor under the Organic Laws of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and is certified by the California Certified Organic Growers (CCOG) to blanch, slice, sliver, dice and dry-roast organic almonds. Gold Hills is the only certified processor in California. This action was taken to accommodate the company’s growing organic grower base as well as to fill an increasing market demand for blanched and roasted organic almonds. 1-209-634-2022.

EPI’s new corner labeling system is designed to apply labels to the corner of packaging in order to reflect batch and product data on two sides of the carton. The system is easy to install and operate, and is engineered to operate 24/7 with minimal maintenance. In addition, the system has a rigid mounting structure, which minimizes vibration with a tamp application, and can be integrated with most cartoner lines. A programmable printer also can be added in order to print barcode, date, or batch data. 1-800-755-8344.

O/K International Corp.’s new Pouchpack, is a pouch-handling system designed to automatically take one or two pre-made pouches from a magazine, rotate them for printing and/or label application and provide easy pouch filling before rotating them to a pouch sealer. The system also is available with an Allen Bradley PLC Control. The Pouchpack offers benefits including a compact, user-friendly design with an economical price, the ability to be fully validated and more. It is available in semi- or fully-automatic models. 1-800-521-2908.

Hinds-Bock Corp. introduces an automatic system that denests buckets and tubs. A positive two-stage/clamp system is used to ensure proper placement of each lid as it leaves the lid denester, and a progressive roll-down lidding mechanism is used to apply lids securely. A gentle piston transfer pump can be added to automatically load the system’s hopper, and speeds of 10 containers a minute or more can be achieved. An automatic filling with a bottom-up feature for stiff products is optional. 1-877-292-5715.

Casa Herrera, Inc. introduces its CH-30 Visual Station — the next generation of food inspection. The system utilizes efficient auto detection for color, shape, size, holes or dark spots in tortilla, pizza, flatbread and specialty-food products. In addition, the machine offers the latest technology powered by Sharp Vision Group. 1-800-624-3916.