ALICE Extrudes Dough With a Gentle Hand

Aasted-Mikroverk Bakery Equipment introduces its new innovative extruder — ALICE — which offers various surprising features to the bakery industry.
ALICE provides for unparalleled gentle dough handling, even for dough with inclusions.
The company’s two latest innovations, the FlexBooster and CamRotor, jointly ensure ALICE’s reliability as the first extruder on the market to maintain dough’s essential structure. Maintaining dough structure can be a challenge for many manufacturers, but with ALICE, gentle dough handling and unchanged dough structure during extrusion make for uniform extruded product every time.
Moreover, the construction of both the FlexBooster and CamRotor guarantees that inclusions such as nuts, chocolate chips, berries and peanuts can travel through ALICE in once piece. The secret lies in a design based on new technology, with unprecedented “big” transport volume of the dough built into the transport systems.
Innovation has always been key at Aasted-Mikroverk. In 1925, Mikroverk invented the world’s first high-capacity chocolate moulding line and supplied it to Cadbury. Since that time, the company has been the market leader in chocolate moulding lines, and today it’s the only manufacturer that can produce moulding lines with capacities up to 50 to 10,000 kg/hour.
In 1945, Aasted invented the world’s first vertical tempering machine for chocolate — a technical principle and cornerstone of every chocolate production process today. In 1992, the company invented a system for the cold-pressing of chocolate. The system has been a tremendous success ever since — marketed under the FrozenCone brand.
Last year, the company set up a bakery division. Its 90 years of experience is coupled with the know-how of skilled staff members specializing in bakery extrusion.
A remarkable goal-oriented synergy was created from those two parts, and together with Dansk Teknologisk Institut (Danish Technological Institute), ALICE was created and launched this year. 1-443-797-3458.