In the Blink of An Eye ...

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If you’re a snack lover looking to grab a simple, healthy breakfast on-the-go, and a heaping plate of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast isn’t your idea of convenience, have a bag of chips instead.
Blinks Breakfast Chips from Blue Planet Foods, Inc. puts a nutritious breakfast right at your fingertips with what it calls the “world’s first cereal you can eat like a chip.” Designed to be eaten on the run without milk and sans bowl, Blinks are a convenient, mess-free cereal-turned-chip … and a no-fuss nibble.
“[Blinks are] cereal pieces that are large and [have] familiar potato chip-style packaging that works for busy consumers,” says Deris Bagli, director of the Collegedale, Tenn.-based subsidiary of McKee Foods, makers of Little Debbie sweet goods.
“Our research told us that cereal was one of the top ‘carried’ breakfast foods, but no cereal makers had ever made it easy to eat on the go,” Bagli adds. “From a product design and packaging standpoint, we’ve created a perfect solution for consumers looking for an on-the-run anytime snack with a breakfast twist.”
Each piece is designed to be eaten in a single bite, Bagli explains, and bigger pieces means that Blinks won’t leave you, your car or your desk covered in crumbs like traditional, clumsier breakfast offerings often do.
Available in five flavors — Cinnamon Toast Puffs, Crunchy Fruit Curls, Honey Oat Crisps, Honey Wheat Waves, and Maple Waffle Bites — Blinks are fortified with 10 vitamins and minerals, and are trans fat-free.
“We feel like we’ve created a whole new category of breakfast snacks,” Bagli remarks. “It’s still new, but consumers are clamoring for this type of product solution.  Familiar products redesigned to fit their changing lifestyles.”
Blinks are sold in most convenience stores across the nation for $0.99-$1.29, depending on variety.
Chew on This
In its report “The Future of Eating Meals on the Go,” Datamonitor concludes that by 2009, breakfast will become the most commonly missed meal of the day. While skipping it could create a host of health problems for breakfast boycotters, Datamonitor notes that this also represents a key driver in opening up the “on-the-go” breakfast occasion, turning it into a potentially massive marketing opportunity for snack manufacturers.