Ahhh, a new year—a time to start over, cross those to-dos off the list and make the wrongs right. It’s a time to flip the calendar, look ahead, plan ahead and move forward with unfinished business.

In the event that the world doesn’t end in 2012 (anyone see the movie?), the new year appears to offer that hope and promise we’ve all been looking for.

2012 also projects to be both a profitable and innovative year, as indicated in the “What’s in Store 2012” report, published by the International Dairy-Deli-Bake Association (IDDBA), Madison, Wis.

For instance, pies are the next “it” dessert, as most pie makers are integrating seasonal and savory ingredients and offer a “welcome blend of nostalgia and comfort food.” (For more pies, check out “The Final Word” in the February 2012 issue).

In-store bakery (ISB) sales are projected to surpass $11.5 billion, the report says. In 2010, 47% of sales were powered by desserts (cakes, cookies, pies, brownies and dessert bars), as indicated in the Perishables Group FreshFacts study, produced by Perishables Group, West Dundee, Ill. These are included in IDDBA’s trends report. Breads and rolls comprised roughly 30% of ISB sales.

Meanwhile, the whole grain and high-fiber foods market is poised to reach $24 billion by 2015, the IDDBA study states. The new report also says that as of March 2011, 5,000 products in 22 countries donned the Whole Grain Stamp (developed by the Whole Grains Council, Boston), a 25% increase since July 2010.

The wheat versus white bread debate continues to rank top-of-mind within the industry. In 2010, whole wheat bread took over, penetrating 52.5% of U.S.
households, whereas white bread ruled most often in 38.8% of U.S. households.

Other noteworthy growth records include:

  • Sweet goods sales jumped 4.7% from last year and contributed to 6.9% of ISB sales.
  • Muffin sales rose 2.7% with regular muffins stealing 52.7% share of the total muffin market (gourmet/jumbo, mini and tops/crowns followed with 32.4%, 13.8% and 1.2% of market share, respectively).
  • Sales of rolls climbed 1.8%, with pretzel rolls making an appearance in the market.
  • Bagels grew 1.4%, contributing to 2.9% of total bakery sales.

Fortunately for many bakers, 2012 isn’t the end of the world—it’s just the beginning.

To check out the “What’s in Store 2012” report or to review other charts, go to www.iddba.org.