In celebration of National Donut Day on June 1, Unifiller Systems, a Delta, B.C.-based company that has been helping bakeries and food production facilities grow for more than 25 years, is offering a summary of the four most common equipment options to optimize donut finishing and decorating:

Donut Injection—Manufacturers are experimenting with various new fillings to separate themselves from the competition. An injection nozzle attached to a depositor enables them to fill donuts, donut holes and other pastries such as profiteroles with various fillings, including cream, lemon curd, fruit, jellies, custard, chocolate and so much more.

Enrobing—An enrobing machine with a built-in conveyor that seamlessly deposits icing or glaze onto donuts quickly and consistently can help manufacturers finish donuts quickly and in larger volumes.

Drizzling—Drizzling enrobed or unfinished donuts with just the right amount of chocolate, caramel or icing every time gives them a consistent look and feel.

Sprinkling—A sprinkle or powder depositor lets manufacturers sprinkle candy, cinnamon, sugar, cocoa powder and more directly onto donuts.

Unifiller says that although these applications are fairly common, not all donut finishing and decorating equipment is the same. The company says when considering a purchase, manufacturers should look for equipment that offers easy setup, minimal training, full wash-down capabilities and quick changeover, and can be seamlessly moved in and out of a production line, as needed.

Unifiller offers depositors, transfer pumps, filling machines and cake decorating equipment for various budget and production volumes for the food and baking industry. For more information, or to see these applications in action, visit or call 877-272-1233.

Source: Unifiller Systems