Rudolph Foods Co. Inc., Lima, Ohio, a manufacturer of pork rinds and private- and branded-label snack products, has expanded into the restaurant segment. Rudolph Foods is bringing pellets and pork rinds to casual dining, quick-service and upscale restaurants, as well as food trucks, across the nation. The company’s pork rinds will make their debut in restaurants in summer 2012.

Recognizing that chefs and restaurateurs are continually reinventing menus in the quest to optimize customer visits and guest rings, Rudolph Foods has identified an opportunity for the nostalgic pork rinds snack. Bringing pork rinds to menus offers quick-serve and high-end restaurants alike the opportunity to incorporate innovation, flavor and appeal.

The company sees the creativity of chefs as an opportunity to educate the consumer market overall on the many uses of pork rinds. Pork rinds offer an alternative to traditional sides such as potato chips and French fries, provide an opportunity for a unique appetizer when served with dips and can be used as a crunchy coating for fish, poultry and beef.

“We’re thrilled with the possibilities this new take on rinds will offer restaurateurs and chefs by adding a creative element to their menus,” said Mark Singleton, vice president of marketing and sales. “Innovation is key in the restaurant segment and the food category overall, and we’re excited to work with yet a new set of customers and to make even greater strides in helping pork rinds, overall, to become a household favorite.”

Restaurants or chefs interested in sampling or learning more about the incorporating pork rinds into their menus can contact Rudolph Foods at 419-648-3611, ext. 105, or visit the company’s website,